Andrew Doolan Award 2013: best building in Scotland

10th Nov 2013

A big congratulations to NORD for winning the Andrew Doolan Award 2013 for WASPS South Block in Glasgow. I was lucky to be involved in photographing the building during it’s various stages, it was great observing how it evolved and adapted as artists and creative businesses started to inhabit the spaces. I have picked a selection below from the project.

NORD_WASPS South Block_dapple photography


Doors Open Day: The Briggait

27th Oct 2013

WASPS asked me to document some of the events they had planned during the Doors Open Day in Glasgow, here are a selection of the pictures from the day. It was great to see the building buzzing with people coming and going to and from the various events in the building. The mobile foundry was particularly popular and a unique workshop experience run by the sculptor Roddy Mathieson, it was pretty impressive it could be mobile with huge working bellows, a furnace and liquid metal. The exhibition of historical photos and collected memories of the Briggait was also a talking point with lots of people remembering working or shopping at The Fish Market when they were little.

doors open day_WASPS_dapple photography_01
doors open day_WASPS_dapple photography_02
doors open day_WASPS_dapple photography_04
doors open day_WASPS_dapple photography_04
doors open day_WASPS_dapple photography_03