The Albus, Bridgeton: JM Architects

19th Feb 2015

The Albus office development in Bridgeton was designed by JM Architects for Clyde Gateway, who are heavily involved with urban regeneration in Glasgow. I love the subtle toned material palette and simple crisp lines of this building, and it’s name ‘Albus’ meaning white in Latin seems fitting. It has been recently selected as a finalist for the upcoming 2015 Scottish Property Awards, so best of luck ‘Albus’!

The Albus_JM Architects_dapple photography_02
The Albus_JM Architects_dapple photography_03
The Albus_JM Architects_dapple photography_06
The Albus_JM Architects_dapple photography_05
JM Architects:
Clyde Gateway:

Best Wishes fo 2015

13th Jan 2015

Best wishes for 2015!
2014 was a great year I worked on some fab jobs, and with a lot of wonderful people throughout 2014, thanks for all your support. Regardless of the current wild weather, I’m looking forward to the year ahead and what it has to bring.

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